The chatserver is currently under maintenance and will be available back soon.

Retroshare Chat Server (Clearnet)

Tor version available here.

You want to try Retroshare but you have no friends to connect to? Use that tool which will allow you to connect to a chat rooms or a forum to find friends within the network.

How to use:

  • enter your Retroshare certificate into the following box and press the submit button
  • copy the server certificate that will be given back to you and paste it in Add friends certificate in the Retroshare client
  • join a chat room or a forum and exchange your certificate with other users!


  • only the chat and forum services are available (no file transfers, distant chats, channels, search, ...)
  • after a while (typically several weeks or days), the server will stop connecting to you to make room for others. You can of course resubmit your certificate but it's not necessary if you already have a few friends